ToolkitRC ADP100 Power Supply Review

by | Jul 21, 2020

Chosing the right power supply is as important as the charger. Let's see if the ToolkitRC ADP100 is the one you need !
ToolkitRC ADP100

There is not a lot of choice when it comes to power supply for battery chargers. Let’s give the ToolkitRC ADP100 a try !

When to use this power supply ?

You have a bought a charger for your LiPo, from ISDT or ToolkitRC for example. But it can only be powered by an XT60 connector! How can you feed current to it ?

  1. These XT60 chargers are useful, because you can use it on the field. You can use a bigger and fully charged LiPo to charge your batteries.
    But you probably need to power it from your house current, so that’s not the option you are looking for…
  2. Build a power supply yourself. You can use a power supply from any PC! With a bit of soldering, you can get some decent 12V current. And a lot of people have old PC that will eventually be thrown away…
    But it requires experience, and if you don’t know what you are doing, it can be dangerous !
  3. Finally, you can use a power supply from ToolkitRC, that got you covered ! Plug it into the wall, plug it into your charger with the XT60 connector, and that’s it.

First impressions

There is not a lot in the box, but you don’t need anything else: when buying, you can chose between a US plug or EU plug, and it will give you 20V on an XT60 connector.

All the materials and wires are robust, and the quality is very good. For less than 20$ or 20€, it really feels like a durable investment !

How powerful is THe ToolkitRC ADP100 ?

This is a 100 watts power supply. It’s more than enough for charging most LiPo one at a time. But if you want to do parallel charging, you can reach the limits quite fast.

Let’s skip the maths, here are some examples of the limits:

  • a 6S LiPo can be charged at 4A max (a bit below, to be precise)
  • so if you charge multiples batteries, you can charge four 6S LiPo at a bit less than 1A
  • for 4S LiPo, you may charge 4 of them at almost 1.5A

As you can see, this is not really the product made for parallel charging. But it doesn’t mean it’s not useful !

Who is it for ?

I personally don’t parallel charge my batteries, because I don’t want to damage them by accident and I don’t want to cause a fire if I do something wrong. My alternative is simply to use multiple smaller chargers at a time.

This power supply will do a great job at charging a single battery. And it comes at a low price point, with a native XT60 connection. So if you are a beginner, or if you are looking for the easiest solution (just like me), this will be your best choice !

But if you want a bit more power, there is a 180W version of this power supply: the ToolkitRC ADP180

Final thoughts

As I mentioned, there is not a lot of ready-to-use power supplies. This product will not disappoint you however, because it would be really hard to find better quality for the price ! The power plug is very thick and long, so it will take a bit of place in your bag, but I still consider this a “portable” option if you are traveling with your gear.

Buying links

If you want to get one of these products, you can find them on Banggood with these links :

100W version: ToolkitRC ADP100

180W version: ToolkitRC ADP180

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